The Hanson Family Conference Travel Grant is awarded to one student each quarter. Students may apply for up to $1,000 in research conference expenses.


Students must have been accepted to present at the research conference at the time of application.

The applicant must be in good academic standing, must be enrolled and maintain undergraduate status at UCSB when attending the conference, and must participate in the conference, for example by presenting a paper or making a poster presentation. Attendance without participation will not be supported. Awards are not given retroactively.

Conferences must be academic in nature; attendance at corporate and private sector events may not be funded. Only conferences taking place in the US will be considered for funding.

Application Deadlines

March 1, 2024: For conferences occurring between March 15 and June 7
May 24, 2024: For conferences occurring after June 8 and December 7

Application Evaluation

Priority consideration will be given to students who participated in FRAP or received URCA Grants and have advanced class standing.

General evaluation criteria and considerations

  • Conference reach and student participation: the student will have the opportunity for networking and feedback
  • Benefit to student: the student demonstrates value of presenting at the conference to their growth
  • Appropriate budget: expenses are reasonable and clearly itemized

Grant Application