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The URCA team is here to support you in every step of the research process—from formulating a question to presenting the answers you found!

Reasons to contact us

If you're overwhelmed or curious about research and unsure where to begin, we're here to help you out.
Are you wondering how to contact a professor to express interest in their work? Come in and we’ll help you draft an email. 
Are you applying for a conference and want someone to review your abstract? Send us an email.
Do you want to embark on an ambitious project but don't know what resources are available? We'll help you identify them.
Whatever your question or concern may be, we want to help, so don’t be shy about visiting us. If we cannot help you ourselves, we'll help you find out who can.

Whom to contact

Students who are looking for help in their research journey are encouraged to email the peer mentors, make an appointment with them using the scheduler links below, or visit the student drop-in office hours listed on the calendar below. The peer mentors can explain different research intitiatives, review draft material, and help coach students through the research proccess.

Ways to contact us

Student hours

Drop-in student hours are scheduled on Zoom and in our office when classes are in session (Library Room 1576, Oceanside on the ground floor). These are times that the peer mentor, Kat Brahan, set aside to meet with students.

To see when we'll offer our next drop-in hours and access Zoom links, use the calendar.


Please email Anita Stahl, PhD, Director of URCA if you would like to set up a one-on-one appointment.

In writing

Email Anita.


  • Director

Email to schedule and appointment.

Peer Mentors

  • URCA Peer Mentor